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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you understand the unique and personal connection between your family’s health, lifestyle, and the surrounding environment.

We created TapGenes to provide you with the tools you need to be prepared for any situation and to help you use knowledge about your family’s health to live better and make more informed decisions when it comes to planning for the future (whether that’s starting a new family, deciding on a treatment pathway, or thinking about retirement).

The idea for TapGenes was motivated in part by CEO Heather Holmes experience in healthcare market development where she focused on conditions with hereditary components. In her experience, doctors rarely spoke to the families of patients about their shared health risks, missing out on key opportunities to have a conversation around prevention, risk reduction, and management for the family. These experiences revealed that one of the most powerful resources available, tapping into the power of families for engagement, & how it could be used to improve health and healthcare globally. Our mission is to help people live longer and healthier by better understanding their genes and the thread that ties you and your family’s health together.

CEO & Founder, Heather Holmes, explains why this information matters for you & your family and why TapGenes is here to help.

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