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Community Partnerships  

Join us in empowering families to take control of their health.

Leading non-profit organizations and TapGenes are joining forces to help families learn more about their shared health risks and how they can live healthier, longer lives, together.


Why Partner with TapGenes?

At TapGenes, we believe that individuals can make better decisions about their health if they are informed and that the best way to do that is to tap into the power of the family network. We focus on health literacy and using powerful data analytics to provide families with actionable steps towards living a healthier life.

Our dynamic question widget can be customized to your organization’s data collection needs, and our disease specific risk assessments and content platform can educate your members on the health topics that matter most to them.

Most importantly, TapGenes gets families talking about health together.  Studies show that those struggling with chronic health issues or trying to make significant behavioral changes have better outcomes when the whole family works together.  Whether your family is in the other room, down the street, or in a different timezone, our web based platform can help them start the conversation and keep them engaged and supporting each other.

TapGenes is a group of experienced healthcare professionals and scientists who understand HIPAA and take privacy and security of health information very seriously, so you’ll know your member’s data is in safe hands.  We work with patient advocacy groups, community organizations, religious congregations and other non-profits of all sizes who have a common mission of helping their member living healthier lives.  Whether you’re a big or small, we would love to help your organization meet your members’ health goals!


We have many opportunities for partnership.


Grant Opportunities

We can help with data collection and data analysis around family health information for private and government sponsored grant opportunities.  We have a history rooted in scientific research (just ask our smarty-pants PhD’s) and would love to talk more with you about where TapGenes can meet your needs.

Customized TapGenes platform

The TapGenes platform can be integrated with existing portals through our API, and can also be customized to ask specific onboarding questions and even new risk assessments to meet your organization’s’ needs.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Have us speak at your event

Are you hosting a conference or health fair?  We can speak to your members about the importance of family health history and genetics.  We have a variety of educational topics and formats to fit everything from small community meetings to large health fairs.

Something else?
Have a partnership idea not listed above? We’d love to hear from you!  We’re constantly amazed by the new things we learn from our partner organizations and are always finding new ways that TapGenes can help you with your mission.

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