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TapGenes: Your Family Engagement Platform

Why Partner with TapGenes?

Despite all the advances in healthcare, people who are at risk for certain conditions are still identified either too late or are unfortunately undiagnosed. Capturing Family Health History has shown time and again to increase the chances of detecting an inherited medical condition by a whopping 20% when compared to the use of medical records alone.

As a result of not using Family Health History records, medical costs generally increase across the board sometimes on unnecessary diagnostic tests or even treatment options that might have been prevented if the condition was caught earlier.

Enter TapGenes.

Things Can Be Better

At TapGenes we empower people to understand and identify risks even when there are no symptoms. Based on the Family Tree they keep with us, we’re able to direct these individuals to appropriate preventative or genetic screenings, behavior modification programs, clinical trials, and treatment options available to them. With TapGenes, people benefit from keeping their family history safe, all in one place to be accessed by anyone he or she chooses, not to mention healthier lives and ultimately lower healthcare costs. Many Ways Your Organization Can Partner with Us

Engagement. Use TapGenes to enhance your brand identity and recruit new members. What’s more, you’ll want to keep your current members engaged with a custom platform that is HIPAA compliant and empowers them to be in control of their data. They will be given the choice to share data at any time which would give them additional options, such as participating in family wellness challenges or signing up to receive tailored information about medical benefits or prevention programs available to them. In addition, members can opt not to share…the choice is theirs alone.

Risk Assessments. At TapGenes we use family health history as well as lifestyle behavior to identify members ‘at risk’ for many hereditary and chronic conditions. This allows us to educate our members of prevention programs, screenings, and tests available to them. Our risk assessment modules include: 

Family Health History                            Bladder Cancer                                Pancreatic Cancer

Genetic Age                                                Breast Cancer                                   Prostate Cancer

Heart Disease                                            Colon Cancer                                    Skin Cancer

Diabetes                                                      Kidney Cancer                                  Stroke

Research. For each member who signs with us, on average, 13 more family members are usually added to their account. When there is one individual with a genetic condition, we are statistically able to identify another family member with the same condition. What’s more, families with rare diseases who are interested in learning more can choose to be connected with research and clinical trial opportunities.

Prescriptive Analytics. With a customized platform to fit your company’s needs, TapGenes can streamline the raw and lengthy data collection for potential new clients. With TapGenes as your partner, your organization has easy access to the kind of information that makes your business smarter, more productive, and account for better decision-making for the future. 

To discover more about how to build with us, visit our API page…or inquire about our tailoring a dynamic questionnaire to fit your company’s needs. Are you a community center or non-profit that wants to partner with TapGenes? Click here!

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