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The cold weather may have us stuck inside, hiding from the ice and snow. But being indoors doesn’t mean we should be bored, just counting the days until spring finally arrives.

Use the freezing outdoor temps as inspiration for your next craft project, which will not only keep you from going stir-crazy while you’re stuck inside, but will also help keep you warm and protected against the elements of this harsh season.

All of these projects are easy-to-follow and perfect for any crafting level. From the novice to Martha Stewart, there is something here for everyone.


  • Slippers made from an old sweater. Because the cold weather often leaves our feet feeling the brunt of the cold, homemade slippers are the perfect choice if you’re looking to warm up. Transform an old sweater from your own closet into comfortable and warm slippers for your cold toes.
  • Knit a scarf. You don’t need to be an expert-level knitter to put together a quick, warm (and eye-catching) scarf. In 30 minutes or less you will have a unique handmade infinity scarf – all you need is some yarn, your arm and a little bit of patience.


  • Frozen bubbles. Forget the idea that bubbles are only for summertime picnics –these frozen bubbles take the fun to a whole new level. You need a steady hand if you don’t want to brave the cold to see the frozen fun, but it will be worth it!
  • Homemade warm snow. With two ingredients you likely already have in your house, you’ll have loads of fun playing in the snow in the comfort of your own house.  Bonus points because this snow won’t make you cold – and it doesn’t melt!


  • No-sew fleece blanket. This craft couldn’t be any easier to make and it’s totally necessary if you want to stay cozy inside. Using some fleece fabric, scissors, and a steady hand, you’ll be curled up on the couch streaming your favorite movie on Netflix before you know it.
  • DIY draft snake. Keeping your home warm when it’s cold and windy outside can be a real struggle and heat escaping through the small openings around the front door is a common problem many homeowners experience. The DIY draft snake will help keep your house more energy efficient and will keep you from feeling the outside elements in your living room.
  • Washable t-shirt rug.  Everyone has old t-shirts you’re hanging on to for some reason, all which are totally unwearable in public. Make the forgotten wardrobe pieces the star of the show again in this unique homemade rug that will take you no time to do.
  • DIY bed warmer. Some people use electric blankets to keep warm in bed, which can raise your utility bills – and other people make their own bed warmer out of fabric and rice. This project is well worth your time because it’s useful in the summertime when your bed is too hot for comfort.

TapGenes Takeaway: Don’t let the cold weather get you down! There are plenty of craft ideas that are perfect for when the snow falls and you’re stuck indoors.


What is your favorite way to stay warm on a cold day? 

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