The Wedding Diet: Brides Face Real Pressure To Lose Weight
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The Wedding Diet: Brides Feel the Pressure to Lose Weight
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“So I’m getting married,” the voice on the phone begins, “and I want to lose a few pounds and really tone my arms.”

Ah, wedding season is underway at my Pilates studio. The June brides call about four months before the big day, and they are quite serious about looking their best. They want flat abs, toned arms and almost always to lose a few pounds. After warm congratulations, we book them some sessions and they go to work with bubbly determination. Most brides meet their goals, by the way, if only I could see that kind of mindset for my clients who need to lose weight for health reasons.

Do brides still feel pressure to lose weight? A Cornell study found that 70 percent of brides planned to drop a few pounds for their wedding day, and about one-third were willing to use extreme measures such as diet pills or fasting. We asked some brides for their opinions.

Future bride Kat Lim sums it up well. “I’m five months away from the ‘big day’ and I am starting to feel a little bit of the pressure. It’s more of the thought that the professional pictures we are paying for will be with us forever and something we will show our kids and, of course, the added “All eyes on you.” I felt like I needed to get in shape anyway, so the wedding adds a little bit more motivation.”

Happily married Gail Gedan Spencer wrote, “the only pressure I felt was from myself, and I even ordered the dress a little smaller so that I’d have to [lose weight]. I spent the weekend before the wedding at The Oaks in Ojai, eating salads and working out all day just so I could get that damn dress buttoned up. And I did.”

Not all brides feel the pressure for the wedding diet, Beth Pladson said, “I didn’t make a real effort to lose weight because I really didn’t care. I feel I’m already pretty fit, so the five pounds I would have liked to lose were pretty much at the bottom of my wedding to-do list. The thought of wearing Spanx sprang into my brain, then made a quick exit… I like taking deep breaths. Besides, I needed to make sure there was enough space for all the food and champagne I was going to drink!”

If you’re going to lose weight for your walk down the aisle we have a few suggestions to get started:

  1. Include your groom in your workout and healthy eating plans. One of the best things you can do to live happily every after is to do so healthfully. Involve your true love in your plans and set a healthy tone for your life together.
  2. Don’t go to extremes, your future spouse popped the question at your current weight you don’t need to diet down to please him. If you want to, work on steady, reasonable weight loss and set realistic goals.
  3. Check in with your doctor for a clean bill of health. Going into a marriage healthy is more important than going in skinny. Make sure both of you are healthy and can lose weight safely.

Beyond that, we hope you enjoy your future nuptials and have a fantastic life together. Congratulations!

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