TapGenes Wins Grand Prize at RootsTech 2016 Innovator Showdown! | TapGenes
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The TapGenes team spent some time at the 2016 RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. From teaching computer lab classes to nearly 100 participants to talking with thousands of people at our two booths, we had a great time getting to know people and sharing TapGenes with everyone.

However, the highlight of the week was when they announced TapGenes as the 1st place winner at the highly competitive Innovator Showdown! The grand prize included cash as well as in-kind prizes that will help take TapGenes to the next level, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome!

Founder and CEO, Heather Holmes, presented on behalf of TapGenes at the semi-final round on Wednesday, February 3rd. That evening, TapGenes was announced as a finalist, and Heather once again presented – this time to an audience of over 10,000 – in the final round on Friday, February 5th. After the six teams  presented their pitches, TapGenes was crowned the overall winner!

Some of the most memorable moments were those spent at the TapGenes booths with conference attendees who shared their stories with us.  Here’s Diana and Gabriel at our booth in the Innovation Alley.

We were touched by each person’s story about loved ones including this tweet by Laurie Conklin from SharingThePast.com that really hit home for us.

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We’d like to thank FamilySearch and everyone you attended RootsTech for all of your love and support!  We’re excited to share TapGenes with you and your loved ones and to be on this journey together.

Read on for more about the Innovator Showdown and RootsTech!

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