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Cycling touring is simply going places on a bicycle. It goes by many names – cycle touring, bike packing, adventure cycling. And it has evolved many types – fully loaded or the traditional type, mixed terrain cycle touring, day touring, etc. With all of these, the main thrust is still that you go on a trip on a bike. If you are about to go on your first touring or are planning your first cycling holidays, here are some tips to help you along.

Select the Right Season

You would like to make sure that the weather conditions are apt for travel outdoors. Going on a bike with minimal protective gear in harsh weather conditions will do you no good. Weather conditions can change at a moment’s notice but may stay relatively stable throughout the whole season, thus it is best to plan your trip within periods where the best weather can happen. In bad weather, not only will you make traveling difficult for yourself, you will also be exposing yourself to unnecessary potential harm.

Choose a Nearby Country or City

When going on your first cycling holidays, try to go to a nearby country first. Try a city you haven’t traveled to before. Choosing to go a neighboring country would provide you with a sense of ease considering that the neighboring country wouldn’t be too far off from the comforts of your home country. You can try going to a much farther location once you have had a good feel of what necessities you would need on the next cycling tour.

Find the Right Partner

While some people choose to travel on their own, a lot of cycling tourists prefer traveling with a partner or in small groups. Sharing the adventure with fellow enthusiasts livens up the experience. You also have some sort of support group which can provide you with tips, share equipment, and other resources for your travels.

What Kit Will You Need?

While some advocate the need for specialized equipment, you can start off with the basic of each item. You would, of course, need a bike. Make sure to get a sturdy one and one that has specifications that can handle the kind of traveling you are going to. Have some equipment that enables you to make simple repairs. You wouldn’t want your cycling holidays to be spent stuck in the middle of nowhere. Bring along camping equipment or sleeping equipment if you plan to stay outdoors, otherwise, when you staying in inns or similar housing arrangements, these can be left behind. And if you are staying outdoors, you may bring along cooking equipment. Bring clothing that fits the kind of weather conditions you are expecting to encounter. Pack protective clothing (a waterproof jacket, sunglasses, down jacket, etc), at least one of them. You’d never know what you might encounter during your trip. Do not, of course, forget protective headgear – a decent helmet goes a long way.

Set a Budget and Stick to It.

There would be times that a budget is unnecessary especially if you are bringing along all of your provisions. But for any other kind of trip, you’d have to expect expenses and make sure to plan for it. Do not spend beyond your means and end up getting yourself in trouble. There would be times of course when unexpected expenses come up, such as repairs for out of the ordinary damage to the bike, or unexpected increases in fare prices, and the likes, but for this, you would have to set an emergency budget, just as you would on any travel you are taking. Plan your expenses along with your planning of the trip, allocate a specific amount for specific items and specific areas, and spend only according to this budget.

Use Android Apps for Cycling Tours.

While some cyclists do not advise the use of electronic gadgets while traveling, there are plenty to times that these can make your trip better. With the use of a tablet or a smartphone, you can use Android apps to make your cycling holidays free from worries and a lot of fun. Some apps offer online/offline maps and GPS. Others provide information on certain locations, like a digital guide. There are those that provide weather updates. There are also apps that provide the means to book housing or other forms of accommodations. Some provide help by providing tips on how to communicate in the local language during trips to foreign countries.

Cycling holidays can be a relaxing and extremely rewarding experience. Plan it out to have a hassle free and fun travel. Go by the 6 tips listed above, and make your cycling holidays tour a lot better.

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