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Making the best out of the life is always a challenge for everyone. Needless to say, not all of us are content with what we have. Most of us often end up frustrated, jealous, and tired of living the kind of life we hate the most. As humans have the capacity to rationalize, we always want to make our lives better. This is pretty evident as we witness the advancement in different forms of technology around the world. However, even these luxuries are not accessible to all who want it. Well, you can always enrich your life without having them. Here are some morning mantras you can use to enrich your life.

  1. Meditate or pray to calm your mind and spirit

This has a spiritual aspect to it. As a composite of body and soul according to ancient philosophers, we as humans should always learn to connect with our inner selves. We can do this simply by meditating and praying. As we connect to the core of our beings which is our soul, we begin to understand who we really are. In return, we become calmer, sharper and wiser in the way we understand and do things.

  1. Listen to motivational podcasts or audio visuals

If you are the type of person who just can’t focus while sitting and being silent like someone praying, you can always resort to your devices to listen or view some motivational podcasts which can enlighten your mind. Always pick something which is produced or is taken from some quotes from your favorite book or author. The main goal of doing this is consistency. Certain practices would work best on some but may not be as effective to others. For instance, meditation which is a silent prayer may not be that attractive to a person who loves listening to something all the time.

  1. Start early morning workout

Once done with a little prayer and meditation, it is time to give your physical body a workout. Don’t get me wrong here; we are not really talking about those strenuous exercises that are normally done by athletes and power lifters. For those of you who have to go to work every day, you can start by doing some basic stretching. You may also do yoga, which combines both meditation and physical exercise so you can save time. This will keep you energized because it is technically waking those sleeping cells up to do their functions properly and efficiently.

  1. Drink or eat something to boost energy and brain

After doing those mantras to awaken and energized your body and spirit, it is time for you to feed your brain with energy boosters. Keep in mind the type of food that you eat each morning. There are a lot of choices for you to boost your energy and brain power. However, if you have trouble getting a healthy breakfast in each day, you can supplement your breakfast with certain smart drugs. These supplements are formulated to sharpen your brain enabling you to perform better and be always on top of things.

  1. Step outside or open windows

This is another helpful mantra you can start practicing daily. Stepping outside or standing near an open window can renew your senses and replenish those energy and motivation you lost from the previous day. This may not be so scientific, but Eastern philosophers always believe that the youthful energy of the earth every morning is capable of replenishing and giving new hope to each creature that has been deprived of their youth and life. Hence, this mantra is capable of refueling all of your senses, including your motivation and drives to achieve your goals each day.

  1. Set small goals for the day

Goals should not be viewed as daily burdens but should be taken as stepping stones toward the attainment of a greater one. This is the idea behind setting small goals for the day. For starters, you may practice making checklists of the things to do on a daily basis. You are the master of this mantra, so you can rely on self-judgment on the things that you have to accomplish daily. You can start by listing all of the other mantras included in this list, and once it has become a part of you, then you can move on and start working with your other goals.

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