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Energy drink alternatives for kids and teens
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Energy drink alternatives for kids and teens

Kids and teenagers are some of the most impressionable people in our lives. So it’s no surprise that when they see their parents or older siblings downing energy drinks that they want to get in on the action too.

While energy drinks are not a healthy or reliable way to boost energy for adults, they can have a significant and detrimental impact on the health of kids and teens who drink them. A recent study by the American Heart Association showed that even though it’s generally not parents giving their children energy drinks directly, even having the drinks in the house can put kids at risk for severe health issues since they are easily accessible.

Alternative natural energy drinks

Rather than bring store bought energy drinks into the house for you and your family, try out these healthier alternatives. Having these drinks around will be good for your health while also setting a great example for your kids and teens.

Coconut water. Coconut water is incredibly good for rehydrating, so it can be the perfect beverage to sip on during sports or activities. Additionally, the natural sugars can give you a bump in energy just when you need it.

Fruit smoothies. Fruit-enhanced smoothies can be a great way to give your kids a boost of energy for the day or before a sporting event. The natural sugar from the fruit will boost their energy levels, while the fiber from the fruit will help make the energy boost longer lasting by slowly releasing the sugar into the bloodstream.

Apple cider vinegar. I know what you’re thinking – should I really be drinking apple cider vinegar? The answer is definitely yes, and it if you mix it with the right ingredients you won’t even be able to tell it’s there! Apple cider vinegar contains amino acids that counteract a buildup of lactic acid in the system caused by exercise. Since excess lactic acid can cause fatigue, the apple cider vinegar acts as an energy boost. Mix it with raw honey and water for a drink that’s both delicious and good for you.

While the research on energy drinks and their effect on health is still relatively new, it’s clear that choosing those high caffeine, high sugar drinks are not the best choice for fueling your family’s lifestyle. Try out these alternatives the next time your kids (or you) need a pick-me-up!

TapGenes Takeaway: When you and your family need an energy boost, look to these natural alternatives rather than the high caffeine, high sugar options at the store!

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