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The Big Game: 10 most inspiring football movies and shows

I dare you to say “Rudy” in a room full of adults, football fans or not. There will be tears. Just the mention of the football movie title will make someone well up. For so many, football is more than just some sports game — it’s a way of life. There... Read More

Books on bodies your kid needs to read

We all have them, but we may not all know how to talk about them. I’m referring to our bodies, of course. From how babies are born to what to call those parts when potty training to puberty, as parents, we may need a little extra help in talking to our kids... Read More

Do we really keep resolutions? 8 stats to know

Are you one of the many who swears each year to stick to a New Year’s resolution — whether you do or not? Or have you sworn off resolutions for good, opting instead for goals or maybe no new promises to yourself at all? New Year resolutions are thought to have... Read More

Clean your house in 5 easy steps

When it comes to hosting family or friends, one of the biggest stresses for me is trying to figure out how to get my house presentable, clean and orderly in as little time as possible. It doesn’t seem to matter how much notice I’ve been given, that... Read More

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