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One hour to an organized laundry room

While we can all agree that we’d love to live in a world of Pinterest-worthy sparkling laundry rooms, we can also agree that most of us just make do with the laundry room we have. It’s a good day when there is clean underwear. Luckily, for those of us who... Read More

What you need to know about IUDs

It’s safe. It’s effective. And it’s not for everyone. Studies have shown an uptick of usage in intrauterine devices (IUDs) in recent years, as more women are opting for the long-lasting and easily reversible option of birth control. As a newly FDA-approved IUD option... Read More

5 ways to soothe road rage

You probably know the feeling: you’re driving in your car after a long day at the office when the car next to you suddenly merges into your lane. You slam on your breaks, your heart rate skyrockets, your palm instantly sweat.  You unleash the cussing at the... Read More

Best movies about best lady-friends

Be your own Valentine? Why, yes, you should! And so will we. Join us for a month of #ILoveMe, small steps and little victories in being good to you.  Some love stories sweep you off your feet, others end in heartbreak. But the best kind of stories share a different... Read More

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