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Pregnancy Overview and Symptoms

[col_one_half] When a woman is going to have a baby, it’s called pregnancy. Pregnancy can happen to any woman who has begun menstruating, no matter what age she is. During pregnancy, a fertilized egg becomes an embryo and then develops into a fetus. The mother carries... Read More

Alzheimer’s Disease Overview and Symptoms

[col_one_half] Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia. Dementia is a disorder that affects how the brain functions. With any type of dementia, the brain loses its ability to remember facts and life experiences, think rationally, and even form words... Read More

Atrial Fibrillation Overview

[col_one_half] Atrial fibrillation (afib) is a rapid irregular heart rate, preventing the heart from pumping efficiently. The atria, the upper two of the four chambers of the heart, control heart rate. They usually contract at the same time, pumping blood to the lower... Read More

Avoiding the Health Risks of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure doesn’t always come with noticeable symptoms. Even though the symptoms may go unnoticed, they can still have serious health consequences. The problem isn’t high blood pressure itself, but rather the conditions it causes when left... Read More

Back Pain Overview and Symptoms

[col_one_half] Back pain is a common complaint. Almost everyone will experience it at some time in their lives. Often, the specific cause can’t be identified. It’s one of the most common reasons for seeing a physician and for missing work. It can occur in... Read More

Women With Diabetes at Greater Risk for Heart Complications

While it’s widely known that type 2 diabetes can lead to heart complications in the long run, new studies are now showing that women may actually be at a higher risk for those complications than men. Why Women are at Greater Risk Though the exact reasons that women... Read More

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