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How to control yourself around the holiday treats

Before you stuff your mouth, your stocking and yourself into those pants you swear fit a few weeks ago, consider how you might slow down the candy and dessert frenzy this season. We asked a dietician to help us set some rules for the holidays so we don’t meet... Read More

Merry Mocktails: 8 alcohol-free drinks for the holiday

If you’re hosting a house full of guests that includes children, pregnant women, or people who avoid alcohol for whatever reason, you don’t want them to feel left out from the fun. The best way to do that is to serve mocktails – alcohol-free cocktails that have all... Read More

What Christmas means for caregivers

For all the years before my grandmother began her decline with what eventually was diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease, she was the boss of Christmas. She managed and updated a massive list of contacts all year and knew exactly when it was appropriate to mail holiday... Read More

10 prayer books for all ages

10 prayer books to give or to hold tight Taking time to nurture your spiritual side can help you to lead a more balanced, peaceful life and help lower your risk of certain health disorders, like heart disease and high blood pressure, all while helping your immune... Read More

Spirited holiday activities for grandparents and kids

My kids are lucky that they have very involved grandparents who don’t live too far away. They get to spend a lot of time with all four of them, especially at the holidays. I love watching all the magic unfold when they get to spend special time with their... Read More

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