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Preparing your Skin for the Summer

The warmth of the summer sun is both loved…and hated. Yes, we love the warmth of summer, lazy afternoons at the beach or pool and being able to toss the pants for flowy skirts and shorts. However, the sun can be our skin’s worst nightmare. Burns, peeling…age spots!... Read More

The Benefits of Love for the Mind and Body

With the passing of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, a heightened awareness has been placed on the possibility of dying from a broken heart. The mother and daughter duo died within one day of each other. So if one could die from a broken heart, doesn’t... Read More

5 Tips for Gathering Family Health History

The January 1st holiday gives us a reason pause to think about what we’d like to do differently in the upcoming year. Health is a focus of the resolutions for many people, and the family health history is an important tool for promoting individual health. You will be... Read More

6 Tips for Giving a DNA Kit as a Gift

Many people are ordering DNA kits to give as holiday gifts to family and friends. I have done this myself and made an “oops” in giving a DNA kit as a gift to someone who wasn’t quite ready. Although it all turned out okay in the end, the experience gave me an... Read More

Valentine gifts that aren’t candy

Who says you have to stick to candy to have a good Valentine’s Day? Think out-of-the-chocolate box this year with these love-inspired gifts for all the special people in your life. For your partner 1. Stamped spoon Nothing says true love like a personalized... Read More

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