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Preparing your Skin for the Summer

The warmth of the summer sun is both loved…and hated. Yes, we love the warmth of summer, lazy afternoons at the beach or pool and being able to toss the pants for flowy skirts and shorts. However, the sun can be our skin’s worst nightmare. Burns, peeling…age spots!... Read More

Morning Mantras to Enrich your Life

Making the best out of the life is always a challenge for everyone. Needless to say, not all of us are content with what we have. Most of us often end up frustrated, jealous, and tired of living the kind of life we hate the most. As humans have the capacity to... Read More

6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

How can you say no to traveling? The idea of going to different places and experiencing something new makes everything exciting. Plus, what you will gain will surely be part of your “one for the books” series. The biggest challenge is how to remain healthy even when... Read More

How to safely dispose old medication

Most of us have them lying around – unused or unfinished bottles of medicine. Keeping unused medicines around can be unsafe, especially if there are children in the home, or people who may confuse the old medicines with new ones. Expired medicines may not work... Read More

Is it OK to use tap water with a neti pot?

Yes, with a caveat: You need to boil or filter the tap water before use. The danger associated with using water directly out of the tap? You could be exposing your nasal passage (gateway to the brain) to bacteria or protozoa that are rarely found in tap water. “Neti... Read More

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