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Can Treating Depression Prevent Heart Disease?

Researchers have long known that depression is a risk factor for heart disease. But in previous studies, treating depression in patients with heart disease didn’t result in any improvements to their heart disease. The New Studies A recent study looked at whether... Read More

Can Heat Waves Cause Heart Disease Deaths?

New research has found that extreme temperatures can cause deaths from heart disease. While extremely cold temperatures carry some risk, it’s extremely hot temperatures that are more dangerous. The study found that two-day heat waves were associated with more people... Read More

What’s The Best Treatment for Heart Disease?

If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, your doctor will want to start a treatment and management plan immediately. While getting a proper diagnosis is the first step, understanding your treatment and management options is the most important part of... Read More

Can Someone With Heart Disease Exercise?

Someone with heart disease will likely be encouraged by their doctor to exercise. Exercise can help manage and even reverse heart disease. But if you’re caregiving for someone with heart disease, you may be wondering what type of exercise is okay for them to do. It’s... Read More

How Do Doctors Diagnose Heart Disease?

If you are having symptoms related to heart disease or feel as though you may have certain risk factors for the disease, your first inclination will likely be to go to your family physician. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, you may be curious as to which... Read More

Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. each year, yet people know little about the risk factors for heart disease, and even less about what preventative measures they can take to reduce their risk of developing the disease. What is heart... Read More

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