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The guide to breaking bad couple-eating habits

“Are you as hungry as I am?” my husband asked me last night as we were getting ready for bed. A mischievous glint gleamed in his eye. “Should we sneak down for some ice cream?” I hesitated for a minute, wavering between my recent hard work to... Read More

Meditations on love

Love is what makes the world go `round, but that doesn’t mean it always comes naturally. Sometimes, we need a little help welcoming love into our lives, in all of its various forms. Use these meditations to center in on finding, nurturing and embracing love. 1.... Read More

Thrilling honeymoon destinations for active couples

The honeymoon is the indulgent dessert following the tumultuous process of planning a modern wedding. You earned it! Once you say those I Dos, escape with your new spouse to somewhere exotic, beautiful and far from your reality as an exciting way to start your new... Read More

The guide to packing a healthier picnic

Let the inherent nature of a picnic be your guide when packing this al fresco lunch. You may feel you have big expectations to meet, but remember you just need to be able to feed everyone in the most uncomplicated manner possible. Keep in mind the venue — a playground... Read More

When a rejection did me good

Stop #fail-ing yourself After applying to dozens of scholarships, my financial aid at my former school had dried up. I took a waitressing job instead of a work/study position because it paid more. No one told me that turning down aid by taking a minimum wage job would... Read More

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