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How to Stay on the Path of Recovery After Rehab

If you’ve completed a stay in rehab or an outpatient drug or alcohol recovery program – congratulations – you’ve made a huge first, second, and third step toward recovery. Of course, as you likely learned in treatment, recovery from addiction is not... Read More

The Benefits of Love for the Mind and Body

With the passing of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, a heightened awareness has been placed on the possibility of dying from a broken heart. The mother and daughter duo died within one day of each other. So if one could die from a broken heart, doesn’t... Read More

10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

Too often as caregivers, we forget that we also need care. Many people take on the role of giving care: for kids, aging parents, spouses, etc. But how often do you stop and think about your needs? Showing yourself care and love is an important part of keeping yourself... Read More

Yes, you can afford therapy (if you know where to look)

At the age of 17, after learning that my mom had terminal breast cancer, I sought the help of a clinical psychologist. What began as my adolescent desire for a quick fix and a magic pill to make the pain go away blossomed into an eight-year doctor-patient relationship... Read More

Bring nature into your home, office, and commute

Nature has some pretty remarkable benefits for us, from contributing to our mental and physical health to creating the world we live in. But as great as nature is, that doesn’t always mean that it’s easy (or practical) to take a day off and hit the trails... Read More

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