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Is alcoholism genetic? My family tree thinks so

by Rachael Brownell One of my earliest memories is toddling downstairs into a smoky room full of hooting and hollering family members in the midst of a victorious drunken debauch. Nixon had finally resigned. Political opinions (left-leaning) and alcoholism... Read More

How Genes Control Our Sleep

By Valerie Schaibley What kind of sleeper are you? Do you stay up late, wake up early, both? Are you the type who is completely normal with six hours of sleep, or are you basically a zombie without your precious eight hours? The time that you usually go to bed at... Read More

Is this gene responsible for autism?

Autism has become more and more a part of the collective parenting conversation — and not just by parents and caregivers of children on the spectrum. Do most of us understand what autism really is? And could scientists be on the brink of understanding how and why... Read More

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