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How to save $50, $100 or $250 per month

  Do you fancy a new pair of shoes or a dream vacation? How about the nagging feeling in the back of your mind to put away more money for retirement or your child’s education? Saving just a little can make a big difference, and we’ve got realistic ways to cut... Read More

Do I need life insurance?

There are a few reasons why life insurance is a hard topic to bully yourself into considering. First, thinking about future money is difficult. Insurance-related vocabulary words tend to nudge the majority of us into a deep sleep.  Also, it’s hard to conceptualize the... Read More

Where to get free medical care

Free medical care may seem like an oxymoron. But before you shell out for a pricey after hours diagnosis of a cold at an urgent care clinic, or sit in an emergency room all night just to find out you have a sprained ankle, check out our suggestions of where you might... Read More

How to get an advance directive: A 10-step guide

What is an advance directive and how do you get one? It’s the topic we don’t want to think about or even discuss, but is critical that we put to paper: What we want to happen in a medical emergency if we can’t express our own wishes. An advance... Read More

How to choose an emergency contact person

  How many times have you been asked to provide information for an emergency contact? It’s a common question on so many of the forms and applications that we fill out on a regular basis —from job applications to sports activity waivers. So who makes the best type... Read More

Health information your family should know in an emergency

Certain things are better kept private. Your health information should not  be one of them, at least not for those close to you. Even if you find it embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk about, you will be glad you spoke up if you are ever in an emergency. Access to... Read More

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