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Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease aims to slow progression of it and manage symptoms. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s. Treatment usually consists of medical and functional support, including: • Taking medications to slow progression of Alzheimer’s or to control... Read More

Atrial Fibrillation Treatment

The goals of atrial fibrillation therapy are to return the heart to a normal rhythm and prevent blood clots from forming. Resetting the heart rate (cardioverson) can be achieved by two methods: • Medications: called anti-arrhythmics, may be given intravenously or... Read More

Back Pain Treatment

[col_one_half] There are various treatments; the condition guides the choice of treatments. Often a combination of treatments is needed to provide relief. Treatments include: • Medications: Pain relievers, such as acetaminophen, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory... Read More

Arthritis Treatment

[col_one_half] Medications used to treat arthritis vary, depending on the type of arthritis. Commonly used medications include: Analgesics. These relieve pain, but have no effect on inflammation. Examples are acetominophen (Tylenol and others), tramadol (Ultram and... Read More

Anemia Treatment

Anemia treatment depends on the cause. Iron deficiency anemia. this type of anemia is treated with changes in diet and iron supplements. If the underlying cause of iron deficiency is loss of blood, other than from menstruation, the source of the bleeding must be... Read More

Where Can I Get Information on Cancer?

The American Cancer Society provides information on treatment options for all types of cancer. There is information on making decisions on treatments, dealing with side effects, and living well after cancer. Other support and treatment topics include understanding... Read More

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