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14 Simple Health Resolutions for the New Year

All week my kids have been talking about their New Year resolutions, something they’re strangely fascinated with. One child wants to make it his resolution to try new foods, another wants to continue practicing her drawing skills, and my third child, who really... Read More

Health Secrets: What Some Of Us Are Too Afraid To Share

  Have you ever lied to your spouse about your weight? Of course you have. Most women I know, including myself, keep that information securely filed away deep inside their minds where no-one, and I mean no-one, can ever pry it loose. Indeed, it’s very common for... Read More

5 Tips for Gathering Family Health History

The January 1st holiday gives us a reason pause to think about what we’d like to do differently in the upcoming year. Health is a focus of the resolutions for many people, and the family health history is an important tool for promoting individual health. You will be... Read More

6 Tips for Giving a DNA Kit as a Gift

Many people are ordering DNA kits to give as holiday gifts to family and friends. I have done this myself and made an “oops” in giving a DNA kit as a gift to someone who wasn’t quite ready. Although it all turned out okay in the end, the experience gave me an... Read More

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