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Back Pain Overview and Symptoms
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Back Pain Overview and Symptoms


Back pain is a common complaint. Almost everyone will experience it at some time in their lives. Often, the specific cause can’t be identified. It’s one of the most common reasons for seeing a physician and for missing work. It can occur in an instant – from a fall, an accident, or lifting something heavy, leaving you incapacitated. It can also develop slowly, such as resulting from age-related changes to the spine. How ever it happened, you’ll know it when you have it. The pain can be mild, or so severe that movement is impossible.



Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms of back pain may include:

• Muscle ache
• Shooting or stabbing pain
• Pain that radiates down a leg
• Limited motion and/or flexibility
• Inability to stand up straight
• Tingling or burning sensation
• Weakness in the legs or feet
• Pain in the hip or bottom of the foot


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