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The pros and cons of dieting as a couple

A few days ago, I found a receipt hidden away in the recesses of our car. Immediately on the alert, I smoothed out the wrinkles from the paper and found that once again, my husband had snuck away to a fast food restaurant for a little pre-dinner snack. I teased him a... Read More

Where to get free medical care

Free medical care may seem like an oxymoron. But before you shell out for a pricey after hours diagnosis of a cold at an urgent care clinic, or sit in an emergency room all night just to find out you have a sprained ankle, check out our suggestions of where you might... Read More

10 things you need to know about childhood concussions

“Concussion” has become a buzz word in recent years as our knowledge of brain injury has evolved and major sports organizations have come under scrutiny. But what might surprise you is that concussions may impact children even more than professional... Read More

Should I go to an urgent care clinic?

No one likes to get sick, but when you do, where should you go for help? With all the choices out there, it can be helpful to known when an urgent care clinic is the right choice for you. First things first Before you venture to an urgent care clinic, you should first... Read More

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