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14 Simple Health Resolutions for the New Year

All week my kids have been talking about their New Year resolutions, something they’re strangely fascinated with. One child wants to make it his resolution to try new foods, another wants to continue practicing her drawing skills, and my third child, who really... Read More

Mother-child workouts for active families

Fitting in fitness into the everyday routine of raising small human beings can be exhausting. With every age, comes a new challenge. Have a baby? Then you know all about sleep deprivation and don’t-you-dare-think-about-putting-me-down stage. Toddler? Don’t... Read More

Dessert for breakfast! 13 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

We’ve all lusted first thing in the morning after the chocolate cake sitting on the counter, trying every which way we can to oh-so-subtly convince ourselves it would be an acceptable breakfast. Or that last night’s batch of chocolate chip cookies might as well... Read More

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