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Health Secrets: What Some Of Us Are Too Afraid To Share

  Have you ever lied to your spouse about your weight? Of course you have. Most women I know, including myself, keep that information securely filed away deep inside their minds where no-one, and I mean no-one, can ever pry it loose. Indeed, it’s very common for... Read More

Four signs that you might not be ready for marriage

When I was twelve years old, I thought I had it all figured out. I can remember telling my mom with such confidence that I was going to get married at 20 and have my first baby at 22 years old. She would giggle ever so slightly and then take on a stern, authoritative... Read More

Hunting down the right price for your first apartment

Congratulations, you’re ready to get your first apartment! As exciting as that may be, it’s also serious business with some seriously high expenses attached to it. Before you make the move, you’ll need to budget carefully for furniture, appliances, utilities, and of... Read More

Yes, you can afford therapy (if you know where to look)

At the age of 17, after learning that my mom had terminal breast cancer, I sought the help of a clinical psychologist. What began as my adolescent desire for a quick fix and a magic pill to make the pain go away blossomed into an eight-year doctor-patient relationship... Read More

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