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What’s the difference between HIV and AIDS?

It is hard to keep track of the difference between HIV and AIDS because these terms are often used interchangeably in popular culture. Everyone with AIDS has HIV, but not everyone with HIV has AIDS. To end the confusion, read this primer on HIV, AIDS and the... Read More

Is it OK to use tap water with a neti pot?

Yes, with a caveat: You need to boil or filter the tap water before use. The danger associated with using water directly out of the tap? You could be exposing your nasal passage (gateway to the brain) to bacteria or protozoa that are rarely found in tap water. “Neti... Read More

Should kids wear sunglasses?

Spend five minutes trying to convince a toddler of the virtues of wearing sunglasses and you will find yourself simultaneously cursing summer and wondering whether it’s worth all the hassle anyway. We turned to Dr. Ken K. Nischal, chief of pediatric... Read More

Treating children’s hives

Hives can be a miserable experience for any child. Those red, itchy lesions can occur independently or they can be a warning sign that heralds impending danger. If your child has hives with wheezing, shortness of breath or throat swelling, call 911 or go to an... Read More

How is Alzheimer’s diagnosed?

Alzheimer’s disease is often a terrifying and debilitating diagnosis for both patients and their families. What can make this neurodegenerative disorder even more challenging is the fact that there is not yet a truly definitive way to diagnose the disease when a... Read More

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