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Natural ways to prevent and treat lice

No parent likes to receive a note home from your kid’s school, but nothing strikes fear quite like a memo that reads “head lice confirmed in your child’s classroom.” The moment you pull it out of your kid’s backpack, you swear you can... Read More

Easy, delicious paleo pizza recipes

Your dedication to healthier eating doesn’t mean you have to give up taste and variety when it comes time to your Friday night pizza tradition. Sure traditional pizza is made with wheat flour and topped with stringy delicious cheese – which are a no-go for your... Read More

What to say when someone loses a spouse

At some point, death and grief will touch our lives. Losing a long-term partner may be too much to think about, and we might quickly stave off the sinking feeling in our stomachs or grip on our hearts by setting those thoughts aside. But what happens when someone we... Read More

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