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You are eating healthy and proper. You are getting enough sleep. You follow your exercise routines well. You drink lots of water. But why are you not seeing the results you wanted? Why is it that you still feel the same as before?

These are actually common scenarios people who workout but didn’t know they are doing something not right that’s why their exercises are not making any impact. If you feel the same way, this is for you. You might be doing something during your workouts that hinders the full potential of your exercises.

There are a lot of fitness blogs and researchers today that show a lot of common mistakes that a certain person does during exercises. These common mistakes are actually common misconceptions that allowed many of us today to follow such routines and habits. These are the common 7 mistakes you must avoid:

Mistake #1: You Stretch Before Cardio

Stretching is actually the normal thing to do before exercise but did you know that you should be avoiding this before cardio workouts because it will more likely to impede your cardio and overall performance doing the cardio exercise? It may cause you to run slower or more likely to produce injuries. It is actually best to the stretching afterward.

Mistake #2: Long Rest Periods

Resting periods are actually important and essential in doing workouts and exercise routines for this actually allows your muscles to increase its endurance as quickly as possible but you must be very watchful of these rest periods for there are only definite periods and times to best rest. Long rest periods will more likely to lose the intensity of your exercise, thus, making your workouts less effective. The average resting periods falls between 30 seconds to 1 minute by the hand.

Mistake #3: Too Many Dangerous Exercises

Never ever overdo your exercises and routines. There are underlying dangers and harmful effects to your body when you do a lot and excessive exercises. Your body must be well adjusted to the pace of your workouts and routines. Too many exercises too quickly are actually dangerous and will cause more injuries since you are insisting certain endurance that your body may not be prepared for.

Mistake #4: Never Skip the Warm-Up

Warm-ups aren’t a myth. Warming up is literally warming up your body to prepare for further workouts. When you do warm ups, you increase the temperature of your body which allows the muscle and tendons in becoming more extensive. In addition, it prepares your immune system for the exercises you will be doing and allowing your muscles to contract and fire ahead if needed. Ultimately, warm-ups increase your mental awareness and your focus. These are all only some of the reasons why a warm-up is a fundamental factor in exercising.

Mistake #5: Sticking To the Same Workouts for a Long Period of Time

You may think that you are doing great with the same exercise you are doing for a long time, but in reality, it is a common mistake that many people make during exercises and workouts. The human body is very adaptive to its nature, so everything that is repetitive will more likely to adapt it. In light of this adaptive nature, repetitive work outs and routines are actually being adapted by your body. You may feel that these work outs and routines are very effective at first, but when your body adapts the nature already, it will cause these work outs to be just an ordinary routine.

It is best to change routines and exercise weekly or do alternative work outs every other day. This changing of habitual exercise will cause the body to burn more calories and will make your exercise and workouts to be more effective.

Mistake #6: Skipping Stretches

Stretches or also known as cool downs, this is the opposite actually of warm-up and done after a certain workout or routine. It literally cools down your body after a tiring and full strength workout by doing a sequence of slow movements to prevent dizziness and cramps of your muscle while slowly cooling down your heart rate and heavy breathing. So if you skip cool downs and stretches, you will more likely to feel very tired and worse, muscle cramps.

Mistake #6: Neglecting Nutrition

This mistake is very common to everyone since the idea of “working out” is already instilled, the mindset of many people is to eat more and pay less attention to the nutrition and proper food diet since they already did “workouts”. If you neglect nutrition, it will just make things worse because your body must be well fed with nutritious food and healthy intakes, without these, your body will not be active and hinders the effectiveness of your exercise.

Author Bio: Cindy is blogger and writer and she has a passion for fitness that she wants to share with you, and anyone else who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

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