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Though pregnancy is one of the most memorable and happiest stages in a woman’s life, it also brings a lot of difficulties and changes that she has to go through. Amongst the unusual cravings, morning sickness, and feeling exhausted all the time, another not-so-likable symptom of pregnancy is difficulty in sleeping.

The reasons why pregnant moms-to-be are having a hard time catching the much-needed sleep are heartburn, difficulty in finding a comfortable position, having weird cravings in the middle of the night, and countless of times where they have to get up just to empty their bladder.

If you are having a problem getting the sleep that you need, the reasons below should keep you motivated to get comfy in the dreamland.

  1. Sleep gives lots of energy to grow a baby.

Ever wonder why pregnant women are sleepy all the time?

Having a little human being grow and develop inside your body is not an easy feat. You need ample amount of energy and a strong body to be able to create a healthy environment for your bundle of joy.

Sleeping is their way of charging their body with the much-needed energy to meet the demands of growing a healthy baby. Fight off exhaustion and fatigue by taking a lot of naps during day time and sleep peacefully at night.

  1. Helps to remove stress and depression

Being pregnant takes you to a roller-coaster emotional ride. One minute you are elated about this gift, the next you are depressed because you think you look like a whale and stressed out thinking if you will be a good mother.

Having more quality time sleeping helps alleviate these negative feelings. Pregnant women that are well-rested are more peaceful and happier compared to those are not.

  1. Poor sleep may cause birth complications

Insomnia is one of the common symptoms that pregnant women experience. Fight off insomnia by recognizing that the quality of sleep that pregnant women get highly affects the baby in their womb.

Pregnant women that don’t get enough sleep have a lower immune system response. If they get sick easily and frequently, the health of the baby will also be affected. It is also known that poor sleep may cause lower birth weights and other complications.

If you have been having the problem falling and staying asleep, research on the helpful tips to get you quality tips on websites like topreveal.com.

  1. You’ll feel better emotionally

Just like how a tall glass of cold lemonade could bring joy to people during summer, sleep is an easy fix for those pregnant moms who are having a bad day. Having enough sleep would make them feel energized and rejuvenated.

  1. Less sleep causes hormones endothelin and vasopressin

Endothelin are peptides that raise blood pressure and constrict blood vessels. If over-expressed by other mechanisms, it could contribute to heart disease and high blood pressure. Vasopressin, on the other hand, is an anti-diuretic hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. It reduces urine output as its way of helping the body prevent loss of water.

These hormones are certainly not good for pregnant women. Getting enough sleep prevents them from experiencing the complications brought by these hormones.

  1. Low-quality sleep causes disruption in normal immune system function.

A healthy mother is a pre-requisite to bear a healthy child. Lack of sleep is one of the major culprits of low immune system of pregnant women. If the mother is unwell and sick most of the time, it could affect the child and may bring complications such as low-birth weight.

Almost everyone is kinder to pregnant women. Take this opportunity to be pampered and get the most sleep that you need.

Author Bio: Alyssa is blogger and writer at topreveal.com and she has a passion for writing articles on health care, food cooking etc. Being a mom & consumer advocate she have years of experience testing equipment and recipes.

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