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28 dates to take yourself on
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28 dates to take yourself on

It’s a month of love and while we can all use a little more love in our lives, there’s one person that you’re probably most definitely neglecting.

Can you guess who it is?

This month, we’re all about #ILOVEME and celebrating the ways that you can love yourself. So tonight, tomorrow or next week, I dare you to declare date night for yourself with one of these fabulous ideas to whisk yourself off your feet. 

1. An overnight getaway

How may times do we joke about moms needing a vacation? Well, even if that’s not possible for you right now, there’s no reason why you can’t book yourself a romantic evening away for one, even if it’s a local hotel and all you do is luxuriate in the pleasure of having the remote to yourself and a morning to sleep in.

2. An afternoon in the book store

One of my great fantasies in life involves getting locked in a giant bookstore with comfy chairs, but why wait for the fantasy to come true when it’s totally doable to tuck yourself away in a bookstore for a cozy afternoon? Bonus points for picking up some books you wouldn’t normally buy.

3. A really decadent breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but here’s a fun fact: if you have your cake at breakfast, you might be able to lose weight and still eat it too. Eating desert at breakfast might be a smart strategy for staying healthy all day, so go for the decadent breakfast you’ve been dreaming of. Custard-stuffed French Toast, I’m looking at you.

4. A new exercise class

Looking at exercise as a treat for yourself, not as a chore, can really make a difference on its impact for your health. Treating yourself right is a treat in itself, so view working out as a luxury and you might come to cherish that time for yourself. Browse your local gym for a new class that you would never try and call to request a free drop-in for a trial class.

5. The luxurious spa treatment

Whatever your beauty regimen currently consists of, take it up a notch for date night. Splurge for the spa pedicure or the extra pampering that you normally wouldn’t justify. You’re totally worth it.

6. To the cheesiest chick flick you can find

Have a partner who refuses to see the latest chick flick on the big screen? No problem. Take yourself on a date and enjoy the benefits of not having to share that popcorn bowl.

7. For a full health check-up

Take care of yourself by scheduling your annual health check-up and this time, don’t cancel it at the last minute. We’re talking the full regimen here, ladies — Pap smears, booster shots and screenings. It’s time for a tune-up with the person that should matter most to you.  (Hint: that would be you.)

8. To a painting class

Wine and painting classes are cropping up all over and even if you don’t have a partner, or yours refuses to go with you, grab a girlfriend or vow to chat with some new friends and take yourself to a class or two.

9. To a college class

Who says education is boring? Enrich your mind by treating yourself to a free Ivy League college course and compliment yourself on being beautiful and brainy.

10. Play hooky

One of my favorite memories from my single days was the once-in-a-while mornings I would play hooky from my responsibilities, lock myself in my room and watch the girliest, cheesiest show I could find (here’s the key) without any interruptions.

11. To your grandparent’s house

Make a date to enjoy an elderly grandparent in your life and gain some love stories from the past. I love these inspirational journals to get the conversation going.

12. A gossip-filled afternoon

Gossiping isn’t good for your soul, but an afternoon spent reading all of the gossip magazines you would normally never buy just might be.

13. A Pin-cation

Stop pinning all of your dream destinations on Pinterest and start a whole new board dedicated to one with real places you want to visit, from hotels to attractions. Make it real, doable and get started saving.

14. To your financial planner

Speaking of savings, if you don’t have a financial planner yet, now is the time to set a date to see one. Taking care of your financial health is a real gesture of love.

15. Hit up the farmer’s market

And make it a goal to buy just for your senses. We’re talking fresh flowers, peaches bursting with flavor and bread so freshly-baked it’s still warm to the touch.

16. Have a “me” day

For my birthday, I once gave myself permission to spend a day doing exactly what I felt like doing all day. It involved asking myself every hour, what do I want to do right now? And whatever that answer was, from taking a nap to going for a walk, just do it. It’s a great practice to discover what you actually want to do.

17. Cook for yourself

It can be hard to work up the ambition to cook just for yourself, but why wouldn’t you be worth the effort? Pretend you’re trying to impress an important guest and surprise yourself with the efforts.

18. Get dressed up for no reason at all

Sometimes I hate how I only get dressed up for the rest of the world, but never when I’m just at home. What message does that send? That I value other people instead of myself? Get dressed up for no other reason than it just feels good.

19. Go wedding dress shopping

Even if you’re already married or aren’t even engaged. If you want to see how you look in a fabulous gown, go try some on! If white is too bridey, go for blush or bright blue or black. Shhhh….we won’t tell.

20. Get a professional photo taken

I’m not talking Glamour Shots, but in this digital day and age, everyone needs a good headshot. Spruce up your image with a professional photo that you won’t have to crop your arm out of. #saynotoselfies

21. Try therapy

It may not be the most romantic idea in the book, but dating yourself means getting to know yourself in the deepest way. If you’re not comfortable seeing a therapist, consider an online therapy session.

22. Make a vision board

It’s like arts and crafts for adults. And if you’re alone, no one can make fun of you anyways, so don’t worry about feeling silly. Make it fun with images that speak to you for no reason or inspirational to help you reach a goal.

23. Take a luxurious bath

I’m talking candles, wine, books, the whole nine yards. Honestly, when is the last time you just took a bath for the heck of it?

24. Volunteer

During college, I made it a goal to volunteer in a completely new setting at least twice year. You’ll be amazed at how great it can feel to break out of your comfort zone and get to know new people in a way that gives back.

25. Lay out

Not in the sun, of course, but at night, under the stars. Make yourself comfy, grab some blankets or go official with a tent, but just get out and enjoy doing absolutely noting but staring into space.

26. Have a no-tech day

I know, it’s crazy that such a thing would even need to be said, but it does. Choose one day to shut off absolutely every electronic device you have and don’t use anything remotely tech-savvy. You’ll be amazed at 1) how quiet life can be and 2) how refreshed you will feel when the day is over.

27. Go people watching

Put down the phone and grab a cup of coffee (sidewalk cafes preferable here) and do a little people watching.  Spin some stories about the people passing by.

28. Make your own treasure hunt

Surprise yourself with a map of your town marked with spots you’ve always wanted to explore, but never have had the time to visit. Be sure to buy yourself a souvenir to remember your solo date.

TapGenes Takeaway: Make yourself a priority with a little me time!

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