What is TapGenes?


TapGenes helps you crowdsource your family's health information, helping you understand the thread that ties your family's health together.

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Discover your family's health story

Discover your family's health story

We’re referring to what makes you YOU…and how your entire family is connected.

Not just physical traits and natural abilities, but valuable health information to preserve for future generations.

TapGenes offers you the convenience of keeping all your family health history in one safe and secure place.

In our digital age, we think paper seems so antiquated. So we’ve excelled at creating an easy-to-understand Family Health Tree where all that ‘runs in your family’ is recorded.

And most importantly, preserved. Access this information whenever you need to – just think, your family history could be a mere tap away!

Share with the whole family...


Every family member who becomes part of your Family Health Tree gets an unparalleled Personal Health Portrait that can be accessed anywhere any time.

Be prepared for life's unexpected moments.

Easily share health information with your family, doctor, school nurse, or babysitter.


What’s the best benefit you ask?

Having your family history on TapGenes not only allows you to safeguard it, but also share it if you choose.

After all, this is data that’s personal and private so know that you’re free to share the information with doctors, school nurses or caregivers or whoever you designate.

But the best benefit is that the choice to share or not is solely yours.



Personal Health Portraits

TapGenes Wins RootsTech Innovator Challenge

It's with tremendous pride and excitement that we announce TapGenes was chosen as winner of the RootsTech 2016 Innovator Showdown!

A great big thank you to everyone for your continued support!

Your privacy  and safety matter

Your privacy
and safety matter

We are so committed to your security on this site, we keep our own family health information here, too.

TapGenes understands that your medical history and notes are personal and private. That's why we use the 128-bit encryption and the same physical security that banks use -- all to ensure that only you have access to your files on TapGenes.

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